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President's Report

Is it hot enough for everyone yet? August is finally here which means the summer is starting to wind down and school will start soon. Our new board has been working hard to make this year educational and interesting for everyone throughout our membership.

If you are a new member with us, I can't wait to meet you and am here to help you in any way possible.  If you are a returning member, I am so glad you are back with us and want to thank you for your continued support.  

As always the best way to get your membership money's worth is to get involved in the organization. We have a lot of different committee positions that do not take up a lot of time.  Social media, programs and education, membership, our end of the year gala are a few of the types of committees we have.  Let myself or a board member know if you are interested.

ILEA Live is August 16-18 in Denver, CO.  Three of the board members will be going there to represent New Orleans. If you are interested in going registration is still open.  We are happy to have you.  This year our chapter has submitted for the Spirit of Excellence Awards in Programs and Education, Special Project and International Engagement.  We find out on the 17th if we won.

Enjoy your August and we hope to see all our new and returning members on the 9th at Ohm.

Samantha Lister
Chapter President
ILEA New Orleans

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ILEA Live is more than a conference - it's a movement that will help you maximize your potential as a live events professional. 

Produced by members of the International Live Events Association (ILEA), ILEA Live is about the business of experiential creativity. It is an educational and collaborative experience for creative event professionals to strengthen their creative outputsharpen their business strategies and find inspiration along the event horizon. 

Join other New Orleans chapter members and meet fellow members from around the globe August 16-18 in Denver.  Visit the ILEA Live website for schedule and registration.

Can't make it to ILEA Live this year? Follow along with ILEA New Orleans attendees on Twitter @ILEAneworleans.

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A Note from your VP of Membership- Michelle Smith

July is ending and we are gearing up for August! We had a wonderful Mixer on July 25th at Loa in the International House Hotel. It was great to see some old faces and some new! If you weren’t there, you missed out on a great time!

In July we welcomed three (3) new members, Amy Edmonds with Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans, Caroline Jacobs with Children’s Hospital, and Megan Sapp with RF’s Martini Bar & Restaurant! We are looking forward to welcoming many more new members in the coming months. You can help with that! We are running our Help Us Grow (H.U.G.) Campaign… refer a new member and give them the discount code and ask them to put your name in the referral line… they SAVE $50.00 and you get $50.00 toward your next renewal! So help ILEA New Orleans grow!

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ILEA Monthly Events - Past

A great time was had by all who attended the July Mix & Mingle at Loa Bar in the International House Hotel.  Mixers are held every other month and are open to both current and prospective members.

Save the date for our next mixer, which will be held on September 26! 

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ILEA Monthly Events - Future

Register now for next week's meeting at Ohm Lounge! Lunch will be provided by Barcadia while Virginia Barach of Tico Sighting enlightens us on the ever evolving technology of video mapping & projection.

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Trending Hospitality

Social Walls & Content: The Modern Drivers of Event Management
Article first published at

Event marketing is one of the most promising ways for marketers to reach new and existing customers and engage with them in a way that is less overtly promotional. Indeed, one of the major benefits of an exhibition or event is the ability to build more meaningful relationships and have two-way interactions, while providing a positive experience. 

When it comes to actually driving engagement, an event company needs to use the right tools to their advantage and one of the most important tools is social media. In this article, we will explore the uses of social media and explain how social walls and social content can help to create a more engaging event for attendees.

The Role of Social Media

In the modern age, events and social networks are almost inextricably linked, with marketers choosing to use them as a promotional method, and attendees choosing to use them as a way of sharing their experience with friends and family members. This means that, for an event company, social media is often a top priority. 

For example, according to statistics compiled by Certain, 77 percent of event marketers make use of social media for promotional purposes before and during an event, while 61 percent use social media as a promotional tool after an event. In terms of platforms, 89 percent of marketers use Facebook as their preferred choice. 

The link between social media and event marketing also produces positive results the other way too. Indeed, Mareting Sherpa reported that year-round efforts combining social media marketing and event marketing actually increase click-through rates across social media platforms by as much as 236 percent. 

Benefits of Social Media Walls

With the importance of social media established, the role that social media walls can play in driving event engagements starts to become clearer. Essentially, a social media wall is a wall that can be included within bespoke or modular exhibition stands, serving a 'live feed' for discussion about the event. 

A key benefit of social walls is their ability to serve multiple purposes at once. For attendees, they provide an opportunity to allow them to express their views and see their posts up on the wall. For marketers, they provide user-generated content for the event itself and encourage attendees to post about the event. As a result, they offer a unique way to increase event outreach and spread the word beyond the confines of the event venue. 

With that being said, there is one catch. Social media walls will only display posts that include your event hashtag within them and, according to Eventbrite, less than half of attendees remember to actually include this in posts. 

This makes it imperative to choose a catchy hashtag and promote it as strongly as possible. The hashtag can be incorporated into the design of modular exhibition stands, should feature prominently on any literature you hand out, should be promoted on the social wall itself and should be included in the business's own social media posts. 

Other Social Media Content

Away from live feeds, social media content is one of the most important drivers of modern event engagement, and there are many ways to take advantage. For instance, live video content can open up the possibility of event engagement even from those who are unable to physically attend. Facebook live is especially useful for engagement, with people watching live streams three times longer than normal videos and commenting 10 times more. 

At the event itself, it can be beneficial to include elements that combine an in-person experience with social media follow-up. Photo booths are a particularly strong example of this, with event companies providing the facilities to take memorable photos, then uploading them to social media afterwards, ensuring post-event follow up occurs. 

Nevertheless, it is important that the event itself provides content which is engaging to those who are in attendance and leaves them feeling as though the trip was worthwhile. Of course, wherever possible, this content should be presented in such a way that it is easily shareable on social media sites, improving its reach.

Finally, if you have expert speakers at your event, a great way to combine event content and social media is to use a screen to display social media posts from your speakers. This will provide your speakers with greater exposure and help to establish their credibility, while providing your audience with useful insight. 

The Final Word

For an event company, engagement is one of the key concerns and social media provides a platform to assist with this in a number of ways. In particular, social media walls offer attendees the opportunity to express themselves, while simultaneously expanding the reach of the event to their social media followers. 

Furthermore, video content can be live streamed or uploaded to social media, in order to engage an audience outside of the venue itself, while photo booths and user content screens can help people to share experiences and ideas with others in a way that remains clearly connected to the exhibiting brand. 

Author Bio: Reno Macri is a founder and director of a leading exhibition and event company Enigma Visual Solutions, specialising in exhibition services in UK, event branding, event production, exhibition stand design, and much more. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on upcoming marketing ideas and design trends. Feel free to follow him oTwitter

For more news, trends, and inspiration, visit

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Board of Directors

President - Samantha Lister, 

VP of Programs and Education - Christina Pohlmann,

VP of Membership - Michelle Smith,

VP of Communications - Sherry Constance,

Director of Programs and Education- Jeff Rizzo,

Director of Communications - Jessica Talazac,

Director of Membership - Nathan Hassel,

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