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President's Report

April is our craziest month with festivals and conventions.  Pretty much every day is slammed with wall to wall events and tourists.  Make sure you remember to take a moment to breathe this month and try to calm some of your stress.  Take a minute to walk around the block or at least see the sky for half a minute while in the depths of planning.

Here is a quote for you this month:  "Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight." - Marcus Aurelius

Sleep well my friends. This month will be over before you know it. Keep Calm and Event On!


Samantha Lister


ILEA New Orleans


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ILEA Monthly Events - Future

Thursday, April 12!


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ILEA Monthly Events - Past

At our March meeting we hosted our first ever breakfast panel where we discussed managing vendor relationships. Thank you to Zea's for the delicious breakfast spread!


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Don't forget about the special perks of being an ILEA member!


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Member Shout Out


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Trending Hospitality

Check out the latest apps and software to help planners promote their events, gather data, and improve the attendee experience.

By Mitra Sorrells September 21, 2017, 7:45 AM EDT

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Here’s a roundup of some of the newest technology products to use at meetings, fund-raisers, conference and other types of events.


Klaxoon provides a variety of tools to facilitate information-sharing and collaboration at events. Planners can use the system to launch surveys, ask questions, create games, and prompt brainstorming. The system provides real-time results, so planners can track if attendees need clarification on content. The company is based in France, and expanded to the United States in June. Photo: Courtesy of Klaxoon



Beep is a beacon-enabled mobile app and attendee analytics platform. The system uses Bluetooth low-energy beacons to track attendee movement and dwell time, for example as they visit an exhibitor booth or attend a keynote session. Beep can also be used to send your guests location-based alerts and content, such as coupons, case studies, and website URLs, and can be set to trigger this content when they are anywhere from five to 230 feet from a beacon. Planners can access their event data in real-time from a Web-based dashboard. Photo: Courtesy of Beep


Photo Butler

Photo Butler is a new, free photo-sharing app for events. Hosts create a private album in the app and then invite guests to view and contribute their images. Those that choose to participate have all of their photos automatically added to the stream, without the need to text, upload, or email. The app’s algorithm pulls the best photos together into a highlight album. Photo: Courtesy of Photo Butler

Photo Butler


Asembl is a new, free event discovery and promotion app. Planners create their event in the app, tag it with descriptive attributes (such as art and theater, fitness, music, etc.) and indicate the cost to attend and the target age group and gender. Users can then filter events based on attributes as well as by what their friends are attending. Events are displayed on a map so users can also search for events within a certain distance. Photo: Courtesy of Asembl



Ivvy is an event management system for venues and meeting planners. Based in Australia, the company has thousands of users in 13 countries, and this summer launched in North America. The system provides tools for planners to create custom websites, manage registration, coordinate hotel and airline bookings, coordinate speakers and sponsors, accept payments, and more. The venue capabilities allow planners to search, compare, and book event space, catering, and group accommodations by reviewing real-time availability, rates, and inventory. The venue component is available now in North America, and the planning tools will be available in the near future. Photo: Courtesy of Ivvy



MoveShake is an app that allows users to design, create, share, and store virtual business cards. The cards are interactive, so clicking on the phone number in the image launches the phone’s dialer and clicking on the email launches the phone’s email client. Contacts be exported to a phone’s contacts and synced to the cloud or other applications. At events, presenters can give attendees their MoveShake ID so they can enter it in the app to immediately get their digital business card. Planners can also use the preload the app with cards from their sponsors, so those are immediately available to all attendees. And the app can be used to create digital badges to manage check-in. Photo: Courtesy of MoveShake



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Calendar of Events

Don't miss out on our next events!

-CPR Demo- Port Orleans Brewery- April 12th

-Membership Drive- May 10th

-Chapter Awards- June 14th


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Board of Directors

Immediate Past President - Kelly Schellang pastpresident@ileaneworleans.com

President - Samantha Lister, president@ileaneworleans.com 

VP of Programs and Education - Libby Kemp, vpprograms@ileaneworleans.com

VP of Membership - Sherry Constance,  vpmembership@ileaneworleans.com

VP of Communications - Caitlin Alvarez, communications@ileaneworleans.com

Director of Programs- Jeff Rizzo, directorprograms@ileaneworleans.com

Director of Education - Kim Sayatovic, directorofeducation@ileaneworleans.com

Director of Communications - Jessica Talazac, directorcommunications@ileaneworleans.com

Director of Membership - Angela Mahaffey Watson, directorofmembership@ileaneworleans.com

Director at Large - George Kutchler, directoratlarge@ileaneworleans.com

Director at Large Historian - Heather Dyer, historian@ileaneworleans.com


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